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Daily Show: Dennis Rodman & Mitt Romney interview poorly

romney rodmanRomney Rodman 2016!  Why isn’t Mitt Romney wearing his money shirt like Dennis Rodman?
OPEN SPACE AREA. You gotta love the guy.

Well Rodman is right in one respect. Kim Jong Un is more humble than Donald Trump. Maybe The Donald should go there for a visit, they have more in common that Rodman.

But all in all, I believe it is good for anyone to go talk to North Korea at a personal level. We all do it all the time with our right-wing relatives, our gun crazy pals, our racist coworkers and so on. Being friendly helps the good fight.  You know, it’s like those 8 years of George W.  I know on a personal level I would have liked him and got along with him. He had a sense of humor, he was a regular guy, he didn’t fake it, what you saw is what you got. There is something to be said for that. But I would never vote for the stupid bastard! See, being nice is the key…

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