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Devin Patrick Kelly & The 2nd Amendment Revision Act, Rack Jite editorial Nov 6 2017

Just the Headlines and a bit, Devin Patrick Kelly, Rack Jite editorial Nov 6 2017

Just the Headlines and a bit, Devin Patrick Kelly, Rack Jite editorial Nov 6 2017

Veteran White male gun enthusiasts. Veteran and white are only most of them, but male and gun enthusiast are 100% of them. So to make us safe we have to round up all male gun enthusiasts and send them and their guns to… Middle East? Heart of Africa? Somalia? Sudan? Russia? Gitmo? Hold it. 10’s of millions of them?  We need more room, we need a bigger boat.  Wyoming! Would a wall around Wyoming be more expensive than a wall across our Southern Border?

The United States 2nd Amendment Revision Act of 2017:

No weapon or accessory shall be produced, imported, sold or possessed in the United States of America that can fire more than seven shots without reloading.

Section 1:  One in the chamber cannot be effectively codified which means all clips and magazines shall be limited to six bullets.
Section 2:  The federal government shall subsidize all point of sale businesses to spot weld or replace existing magazines to a six bullet limit.
Section 3:  All guns sellers who sell magazines that hold more than six bullets shall lose their license immediately and all gun owners found with such magazines shall immediately have all their guns taken away.
Section 4:  Applies to all enforcement officers other than the Military and SWAT units.

My point is that the gun culture is more than anything what drives the American violent nature.

We often confuse matters with the terms industrialized world, first world, civilized world, advanced world and so on. I recently read an article on health care that said “Of the top 40 wealthiest nations 39 of them have a mandated universal healthcare system.” So let’s go with that.

Of the top 40 wealthiest nations 39 of them have far less violence that the United States. Five to ten TIMES less. And each and everyone has reasonable gun controls.

I suppose being the most Christian nation on Earth has something to do with that, but it is that violence that tens of millions of Americans take so much joy in with that ear splitting explosion a few inches from their face with the subsequent thud of tearing things apart down the way that separates is from the rest of the civilized world.

I recently saw an interview with some Chicago Ganstas. The line that got me was “I carry a gun because everyone else does.”  Which applies not to just Ganstas but to the whole American gun culture. We have guns for fear that the other guy has a gun.

Though it must also be said that much of assault rifle sales is based upon just trying to piss liberals off. Which has become the winning political movement of our time.