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Dirty Rotten Republicans part 3

The day the Gingrich Revolution began, Tom Delay let it be known that if the lobbyists on K Street wanted the ear of the House of Representatives they would have to pay dearly for it. They were required to cease donations to Democrats and to hence forth hire their lobbyists (for six and seven figure salaries) only from DeLay’s approved list of radical conservative friends and allies. They were also expected to funnel millions into DeLay’s long list of conservative non-profits and PACS who were his ideological friends. Tom DeLay took control of corporate money to subsidize their plan for a one party thousand year Reich. 

Under the swing of The Hammer, corporations and Right-wing issue groups found their costly and often illegal contributions well spent, for it was also DeLay’s job to schedule votes on all bills in the House. Any bill not fitting into the wrapper of who paid him and his cronies was tabled to never see the light of day. There are instances of this going to such extremes that bills almost unanimously passed by the Senate disappeared in the House.

About the only group who paid their millions in bribes to DeLay and his friends and ended up with doodleysquat were the Indian Casinos. Abramoff, Scanlon and Reed ripped the Indians off for millions (while calling them racist names behind their backs) and splitting the money between themselves and DeLay’s PACS. If it were not for that greed gone so over the top that they were raking in millions in personal profit while doing just the opposite for the Casinos as they said they would, we would not know any of this. Tom DeLay would still be Majority Leader and they would still own America. The Wounded Knee of the GOP. 

A name is pretty much missing in all this, but I have saved the worst for last. Grover Norquist can often often be seen as a talking head on television talk shows. Always promoting the elimination of the IRS and all forms of progressive taxation removing the cost of government from the wealthy and placing it on the middle class who pays it and the lower class who suffer less help and benefits. It is Norquist, who every Wednesday morning in Washington since the Gingrich Revolution began, sat at the head of a long table filled with a rotating gang of the heaviest right-wing hitters in America, planning and implementing this entire scam to usurp the democratic process through election and legislative bribery.

Abramoff and Scanlon pleaded guilty and are on their way to jail. With this all hitting the fan in the middle of Ralph Reed’s primary bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, it not only cost him that election, but his Christian hypocrisy destroyed his credibility to the extent he has been put out to pasture. Tom DeLay lost his job as Majority Leader, was then kicked out of Congress and is now facing felony charges in Texas and in Washington. Both of these guys have a special place in Hell reserved for putting on their disgusting crap on the back of Jesus Christ no less.

The kicker is that the man who organized and implemented the plan, who kept it all going with his weekly meetings with conservative PACS and think tanks to squeeze all of corporate America into the fold, is still standing. Grover needs the lid of that garbage can he lives in to come crashing down on his head, and a large rock put on top so he never gets out of all the stink he created.