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Don Jr pals with Jack Posobiec behind the Pizzagate conspiracy

Don Jr must be following Jack Posobiec on twitter to retweet him. The headline below is confusing, to straighten that out at it is about an anti Trump rally in which Posobiec played agent provocateur by carrying a RAPE MELANIA sign.

I do think it unfair to compare Trump to Hitler – WW2 and Genocide – but comparing him and his family to El Duce, Benito Mussolini the father of fascism, is as spot on as it gets. Remember, there was no impeachment of Mussolini or his woman, they were hung by their toes from a street lamp. By those who once drank his Koolaid.

Don Jr. Retweets Guy Who Reportedly Brought ‘Rape Melania’ Sign to Rally -article & video


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