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Donald Trump attacks 83 year old Jewish Widow!

Donald Trump attacks 83 year old Jewish Widow!

“Justice Ginsburg of the U S Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me, her mind is shot – resign” Donald Trump back on the tweet wagon after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg smartly opined that Donald Trump was a “faker” who got too much free publicity and could not imagine him actually being president.

This of course will be the end of him! Finally the thing that that we have been waiting a year that will do him in, attacking an respected 83 year Jewish widow!  Just joking, he could gas her and put her in an oven and he wouldn’t lose a single vote from the Republican base. The same Trumpers who we must start listening to and embrace before they start shooting.

But but but Republicans are saying Ginsberg is out of line! That Supreme Court justices have no business in the political fray. I am sure that before they opened their mouths they began impeachment proceedings against Clarence Thomas for far  FAR worse and the even worse than that Justice Scalia who they are digging up and moving to an unmarked prison grave.

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