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Donald Trump finds Women peeing disgusting and in need of schlonging

Donald Trump finds Women peeing disgusting and in need of schlongingIt’s not that Donald Trump finds women peeing disgusting, or Hillary Clinton having a man slap her in the face with his large dick funny, or even maybe killing reporters because he hates them so much, but the foot stomping applause and rise in the polls he gets for saying such things. And a dollar to a doughnut that most of those people have home arsenals in an out building behind their trailers.

Donald Trump has now won over not only the GOP but God knows how many “working class underachievers” [Frank Luntz] Democrats and Independents are sucking up to this foul bastard. In fact I am beginning to believe that Donald can win the White House just on American bigotry and racism alone.

All the this angst, anger and need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK began the month after an uppity Negro and his uppity Negro wife moved into the White House. It’s who we are, it’s our history, and it’s why we are the only nation to reject single payer health care. We don’t want to subsidize Negroes any more than we already so wrongly do. It is why we hate the federal government so very very much which pushes that fairness and equality crap down the throats of our enlightened states like Alabama and Mississippi.

You know, I may have been the first to compare Donald Trump to Benito Mussolini but I was remiss in that I did not understand back then that Donald Trump is worse than Benito Mussolini. And it is about time for some political cartoonist to give us the image of Donald Trump hanging upside down from his toe in front of Trump Towers. Way way overdue.

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