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Donald Trump is Super Sad, Recent Rally Flops

Donald Trump’s handlers are extremely concerned by his his long face and sad demeanor. Lest you think that Trump is morose because his buddies are going to jail, he’s not. Trump doesn’t even appear to be alarmed because he has been implicated in federal crimes. Trump is stunned and saddened because his recent rally in West Virginia simply fizzled.

Trump’s ‘praise me’ rallies are the staff of life to the world’s greatest narcissist. A few rounds of the now ironic cheer ‘Lock Her Up!’ and ‘Make America Great!’ keep Trump aloft and buoyant beyond reason. Alas, even the faithful in West Virginia didn’t show in impressive numbers. The sparse crowd, coupled with a lack of praise for his performance at the rally, seems to have affected Trump deeply.

It occurs to me that we may not need to resort to impeachment. If Trump can no longer count on his rallies to boost his ego he may just slither off of his own accord.

Trump Is Super Sad That No One Cared About His Rally This Week