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Donald Trump was right, they were bombs! More guns needed to stop them!

Donald Trump was right, they were bombs! More guns needed to stop them!Yes! The Donald said it first! Immediately twittering that the explosion bomb going off last night was a bomb! And he is all over social media congratulating himself for his insight.

So what’s the matter with that? Well other than congratulating himself in the face of another tragedy?  He was right, he is always right, and far more honest and trustworthy than that lying witch of a woman who had her own email server. Did I mention she had her own email server? And said she did not use it to send classified information when the FBI found that she received at least two emails that had   a “c” at the bottom, not a “cc” but a “c” mind you, but a “c”.

So what’s the  problem with The Donald jumping the gun on this or anything else for that matter before information is verified? Well it’s three issues.

First is that he gets to blow his own horn, which is about all he does.

Secondly that he knows better than anyone, including our generals, on what is going on.

And lastly as president what if he were wrong about whatever it is and creates an international incident that he can’t tweet himself out of but will have to nuke himself out of instead. Honestly, if Donald Trump made a big mistake or was wrong, would apologize or nuke?

Of course this incident adds to the horror of Islamic Terrorism in America,, causing another surge in gun sales, for as we all know, had there been no gun controls in New York and Boston we would have protected those terrorists flying in planes into building or dropping backpack bombs at parades or put in dumpsters. Guns solve our problems with violence.

Americans shot and killed and bombed by Muslims since 911 – 98 [no change]
Americans shot and killed and bombed by Americans since 911 – 181,000 [increases by 37 a day]

All gun homicides are committed by gun enthusiasts.

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