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Epipen, Health care, the Clinton Foundation and Citizen’s United

Epipen, Health care, the Clinton Foundation and Citizen's United

Let me begin with the Epipen issue, $300 an application, a 450% increase in 7 years from Mylan company, the actual cost of which is about $2 worth of the drug epinephrine, in her defense the CEO of Mylan and daughter of Senator Meacham Heather Bresch, said she did nothing wrong, it is how the system works, just look at any drug company.

Okay, she is correct, that is how our health system works. The only for profit health care system in the world, and when any inroads to correct that horror come by, Republicans in Congress will vote to destroy it 54 times.  Republicans are unique in the world not only in pay to live, but in denying global warming.  The majority of Republcians also also believe our ancestors once herded dinosaurs and that President Obama is probably a Muslim born in Africa. Not Donald Trump. Not Paul LaPage but Republicans.

Our political system is little better, again Republicans – doubling down with Citizen’s United – do all they can to keep it a system of pay to play. Our entire political system is based completely on pay to play. Politicians defend themselves by saying, “Oh sure, big donors and lobbyists may get better access, but that does not mean they have any sway.”

Enter the Clinton Foundation which is based on the same system with President Bill Clinton, the consummate politician, aware of how things work, and that he could use the same process – to instead of getting elected – could use his name and power for a charity to save millions of lives. With 89% of revenues going to that purpose. Christian broadcasters like Pat Robertson that number is what they keep not what they give.

So the Clinton’s, like every Republican, instead of selling out to┬ábillionaires and corporations to make more profits, sell access to save millions of lives. As false a moral equivalency as it gets. Well other than having two equally horrible presidential candidates.

It seems to me that the media pounding the emails and now the Clinton Foundation is all about having to reach for something, anything to try and even it out, to be fair to a silly buffoon to ensure their misguided journalist even handedness. Luckily this election we don’t have a cannibal running or we would learn that cannibalism needs an equal voice.

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