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Evangelicals would vote for Benito Mussolini if he was Pro Life, and they did

I just watched a few Evangelical leaders celebrate Donald Trump, not only celebrate but say he is the greatest president in history. There as no bones about the WHY OF IT.

I once joked that evangelicals would vote for Benito Mussolini if he was Pro Life. And if you watched the recent rally, we now do have Benito Mussolini as our president. It is uncanny how Trump has co opted El Duce in his delivery, his expressions, his body language, his character, his fascist nature and even his over used crossed arm grimace enjoying the applause, who has more than likely paid for more abortions than Texas has guns. Is it just natural to fascist buffoons? Or did Trump study videos of him because he is a fan?

“if only I still had Roy Cohn as my lawyer!”  Said Donald Trump recently.  Again, here we have the most despicable man of the 20th century, who came to prominence for sending the Rosenbergs to the electric chair and went on to be the power behind McCarthyism. Oh, and a closeted homosexual who ranted and raved about fags and queers. Justice did win out in the end as Cohn suffered a long miserable lingering death from AIDS.

Sadly it seem to be the case, with 80% of Evangelicals happily voting and supporting their foul mouthied narcisstic pussy grabbing adulterous pornstar porking self consumed  buffoon, ONLY because more than anything else, they want a large intrusive government denying women the individual freedom and liberty to choose an abortion.  In fact this is the largest single issue voting block in America. Again, to deny freedom, to deny liberty, to deny individual choice with a large intrusive government.

Really, back to the 1950s? That’s where we are? And we let them win?

On the bright side maybe Rush Limbaugh will soon be replaced on AM radio with Dick Clark.

You want a good idea what a Mike Pence presidency would look like after the impeachment?

Handmaid’s Tale, new season on HULU coming in a few weeks.