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Father of suicide of gay son explains himself in Mel Gibson mode

gay suicide videoWhat it must be like to be bullied and vilified by one’s peers in school all day, only to run home and to get the same crap from your rotten disgusting parents.  No wonder gay teen suicide is so much more prevalent than with straight teens.

I have no idea if those who made this video intended a Mel Gibson look alike, but boy does it all fit together into the most potent 30 seconds of political video I have ever seen.

I am told about 50% of parents refuse to accept their gay or lesbian children. How awful. And where does such a profound degree of AWFULNESS come from?  So AWFUL it causes kids to kill themselves?  Oh yeah, I just watched what this is about on that popular Bible series.

The biggest lesson in the Bible is about the founder of our Christian-Judeo culture, Abraham’s blind unquestioning obedience to GOD the ASSHOLE to slit the throat of his only son. Oh, and even before that, the unquestioning blind obedience to not eat any apples offered by any weak and corrupt women hanging around with snakes. Or, be kicked out of the park into misery and death.

But God does make it up in Canaan!  Where he tells his people to go kill every living thing, plants, asses, babies, children, men, women, pregnant women, the old, the crippled, the retarded EXCEPT for the young virgin girls they are to keep as slaves for fcking. Now there’s something I can get behind! Where do I sign up for this insane crap?