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Four top Deplorable in America in one photo

Photo: Four worst people in America in one shot!

Photo: Four worst people in America in one shot!

“Jesus was booked.” Sarah Palin commenting on why she brought Ted Nugent and Kid Rock as her two guests for a four hour stay in the white house, here they all are in the oval office with The Donald going over pictures of dead animals they killed. Getting a BJ there would be less offensive.

I have been working on a clickbait article for quite some time, the top ten most deplorable people in America. The list changed just a few months ago when Donald Trump forced Ted Nugent into second place as MOST DEPLORABLE.

Many others come and go like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who lost his election, Sheriff Clark in Milwaukee taking his place, Allan West down in Florida while Sarah Palin slipped off the list into oblivion. Of course some have stayed steady for decades, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and not to forget Michael Savage. No redeeming social value whatsoever. Like porn.

As to Kid Rock, though he is an avid killer of threatened and endangered species and a loud obnoxious early supporter of The Donald, it is being best pals with Ted Nugent that puts him on the list. A banner day for Nugent as he is pictured with his only three pals.

For the three of them it is not hunting for food, it is killing for the joy of killing.

As a hunter most of my life, I can safely say that no wild game tastes better than a chicken, a cow or a pig.

And like fishing it is not cost effective. The gear, the vehicles, the boats, the weapons, the licenses, the fees, the leases and the game processing makes the cost in magnitudes greater than better food at the store.

Though I must say frying up a fresh red snapper caught off a rig is as good as it gets as far as fish go. Same for freshly caught perch and walleye.