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Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade says Nike should use Jesus in shoe ads!

Really!  Jesus in shoe ads!  He said that!  He’s from Fox News!  He is Republican!  He is a Trump fluffer! In a strip mall near your, Jesus / Al Bundy Shoes for Less !  Fox is just so cool.

Oh, and not only is Nike putting Kaepernick front and center in their full page ads, they are going to run it tonight on Thursday Night Football.
Unlike Republicans, Nike is not afraid of Donald Trump and his ever shrinking gang of nitwits.

This entire thing is about Trump, the GOP and Fox News pushing the lie that the NFL KNEE is a protest against flags, anthems, veterans and America by black people.
Well duh…
The real problem that will not be easily fixed, about 50 million white voters blindly accept that lie along with so much other crazy crap it’s a wonder they still know how to breath… [thanx bob]

And hey, this week I and millions of others finally learned once in for all how to spell Kaepernick.

Fox & Friends Not Happy With Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad: ‘Should Put Jesus On There’