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Seth Meyers: GOP Rushes Kavanaugh Hearing, Despite Trump’s Legal Woes

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Republicans, rushing to confirm Trump’s pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court, while Trump is in so much legal jeopardy even his own lawyers warn him that he could go to jail.  Seth observes: “That would be like Bonnie getting arrested and saying; ‘You know who would make a good judge? Clyde!'”

Not to worry about the volumes of information about Kavanaugh that Republicans refuse to release. The appointee comes highly recommended by leading Republicans, as a shopper at Food Pantry and a ‘good old school carpool driver.’  The Supreme Court has just become a reality for millions of Americans.

GOP Rushes Kavanaugh Hearing Amid Trump’s Legal Woes: A Closer Look