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Fox News, Kid Rock KISS MY ASS suppoort of confederate flag

Kid Rock KISS MY SUPPORT of confederate flagNo surprise that Ted Nugent’s best pal Kid Rock – who is also a financial backer for Silliest Ben Carson – is defending the confederate flag with a loud KISS MY ASS to his detractors. We can be sure he and Ted Nugent will be two of many who will soon be shoving that ugly rag down our throats for the rest of their lives. I expect the entire Lynyrd Skynyrd band to have confederate flag tattoos on their foreheads before I finish this piece.

Neither is it any surprise ┬áto watch Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and her guest defend the confederate flag by way of defending Kid Rock. The South will Fall Again!

We can argue about much of the symbolism behind the confederate flag, but what cannot be argued is that it represents a knowing personal slap in the face to every African American – other than Clarence Thomas – and the undying symbol of sore losers.