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Fox News Pirro guest Candace Owens, Jimmy Kimmel Single-Handedly Ruined Late Night TV

Jeanine Pirro and Candace Owens were not thrown off the set for this crap as they should have been.

The new Republican talking point to defend President Trump through a few weeks of fail after fail after fail is that The Media suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. When it is more than obvious to everyone in the world except the Trump cult that they are the ones deranged.

But this goes beyond that into my oft discussed issue that conservatives are genetically presupposed to having little if any empathy, compassion or altruism. It is the nature of the Beast.

This USA TODAY columnist Candace Owens makes that point in halogen. That because Jimmy Kimmel’s baby son had a heart disease, which was touch and go on his life, he was fixed up and Kimmel went live on his show to talk about it through some tears. Also acknowledging that it mostly succeeded because of his wealth which because of our health care system that the rest of us would not be able to afford. 

Oh the horror of that!  The evil he has done!  Ruined all of late night TV!

Fox News made sure Candace Owens is black to run with this crap. Any call out will be screams of LIBERALS ARE RACISTS.

Candace Owens Insists Jimmy Kimmel ‘Single-Handedly’ Ruined Late Night TV