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George Carlin: Republicans, Hypocrites, Pro Life, Abortion and the Sanctity of Life

George Carlin: On Republicans, Pro Life, Abortion and the Sanctity of Life

George Carlin could have written these thoughts about Republicans, and Pro-Life, rather(anti-abortion) bills just yesterday and not in 1996. Apparently we haven’t ‘come a long way baby.’  Just as in ’96, Republicans only care about you while you’re in a uterus. Once the cord is snipped it’s time to hit the bricks and make something of yourself!
With piercing insight Carlin questions a party which would deny food and education to the very children whom they fight so hard to protect for nine months. It’s difficult to argue with Carlin’s insight. It’s obvious to him that the GOP does not like women. On the bright side, he makes some sensible suggestions Republicans could easily follow to prove their sincerity regarding the sanctity of every egg and sperm