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God Forbid, The Romney NO BEER WITH MITT Ad! Bill Maher

This one could win the election for real!   So what Mormon’s wear magic long underwear and have Jesus living on Planet Kolob, that isn’t any sillier than any other “valid” religious silliness. But no beer?  There is something wrong with that.

I was watching the repeat of the award winning cable series “The Republican Base” earlier tonight.  Oops. I was just informed the name of it was “The Hatfields and the McCoys.” My bad. Imagine all those NRA and Southern Good ole boys voting for someone who never had a beer? Who can relate to that in any trailer park in America?

What about that old election saying that got W. Bush elected.  He is someone I would like to have a beer with!   No beers with Mitt.

There it is. The winning political ad.  NO BEER WITH MITT.

no beer romney