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GOP Health Care Bill – John Oliver

GOP Health Care Bill - John Oliver

GOP Health Care Bill - John Oliver

Republicans were so desperate to pass the alleged health care bill, that many blithely admit that they hadn’t bothered to read it first. As John points out, they took a bad thing and managed to make it worse; like Mariah Carey in ‘Glitter’ – with the addition of Jar Jar Binks…Actually, that may not be a good example.

Republicans assume that their constituents are total morons, apparently because they voted them in. The concern that people with pre-existing conditions will be barred from insurance simply is not true, and Republicans want you to know that everyone has ‘access’ thanks to to a mechanism allowing insurance companies to raise rates. In other words, if you have a pre-existing condition, all that is required is the spectacular wealth to afford the jacked up premiums! You see? It’s a WIN! It’s not a win-win, but it will be fun to watch GOP congressmen explain it at town hall meetings, if they haven’t sworn them off entirely.

The sound bite the GOP will not be able to run from is that they just voted to take away a trillion dollars of healthcare to those who can least afford to give the wealthy a trillion dollar tax cut. The problem is that it is so in your face disgusting that it is hard to believe they really did that. Rack Jite