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GOP select committees on Hillary’s email

GOP committee on Hillary's email

The bottom line is the same thing we heard from old H W Bush and Obama, I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY, which at the time was still THE TWEEN of cell phone and smart phone.

We already have two select committees on Hillary Clinton’s emails, Darrell Isis and his Benghazi Benghazi committee and the more recent Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi Benghazi committee. I am told there are two committees because Trey Gowdy is more credible, you know, being from South Carolina rather than California. ¬†And where is Darrel Isis from anyway? ¬†Funny name for an American.

This issue is one of those issues that puts me in line at the looney bin door. You know what they say, if you think everyone else is wrong and only you are right, yer knock knock knocking on the nuthouse door.

The Republican smear campaign goes off per usual, the mainstream media has to pick up on it or loss even more share to Fox as usual, and the Democrats have to chime in up to show the pig farmers in Iowa they are not afraid of that uppity woman.

This is about three things, in order they are: nothing, nothing and nothing. Which as the election cycle moves forward will be followed by ever more horrendous nothing things Hillary did, and even more nothing things she didn’t do. And that is not counting the nothing things she is suspected of doing.