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Gun Enthusiast Jeffrey Williams arrested for grazing cops in Ferguson

Jeffery Williams Ferguson cop grazerAs far as Jeffery Williams and all other gun enthusiasts – police included – I am all for more grazing and less killing no matter the who of it.

There is obviously some truth to the story in Jeffery Williams’ admission that though he did fire the shots he did so from a car at some brothers not intending to shoot at the police.

Handgun casings were found 125 yards from where the police stood in Ferguson that night with both officers receiving grazing wounds and released from the hospital several hours later. Who would try and shoot anyone at 125 yards away with a handgun was the first thing that came to my mind.

Which brings us to the real topic of this article. I did a search on this guy and ended up on various conservative websites, forums and comment areas.Did you know this is really Chris Rock?  That shooting people with a handgun 125 yards away is both normal and accurate? That Ferguson protesters and their leaders want to kill all cops?  And all white people. And rap ****** music is the cause of it all. I found not one nice kind word about any African American on any of these websites about this or any story concerning race since… Since… Let’s see… November 2008.

Excuse me, like Rudy Giuliani they do like serial rapist Bill Cosby and also talk up Ben Carson who they agree with that Obamacare is worse than 150 years of Jim Crow.

Race drives American domestic policy and Israel drives American foreign policy. ADAF.

Race and religion…

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