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Guns are a mental health issue, clearly

guns are a mental health problem

Sheneman’s got it, clearly. The gun enthusiasts in this country are the problem. All the murders, mass shootings, and gang killings are done by gun enthusiasts. Is Ted Nugent mentally stable? Someone who brags about shooting cats and dogs and has to kill something each and every day?  Who admits that he gets a stiffy when he kills an animal with a machine gun? That’s our NRA role model? Gosh,,,

There are tens of millions of these mentally unstable losers, the open carry crowd, the ISIS dressed and armed militias down on the border, those with home arsenals, the gangs, and of course that kind of crazy guy down your street. Only 40% of Americans even own a gun and of those who do, more than half are just hunters, collectors, or reasonable people who feel an honest need. Leaving a few 10’s of millions of gun enthusiasts who are either anti-government, Libertarian, Right-wing racist losers or urban gang members.

Sure a few laws are in order. No one, NO ONE needs more than six shots at a time. Everyone needs a background check. Military weaponry has no business on our streets. But the real problem goes far beyond that, it is our acceptance, promotion, and celebration of a gun culture gone crazy. Where our laws allow anyone from anywhere to buy as many of any kind of gun and as much ammo as they can fit in a ship container to take where ever they want. To sporting events, rap concerts, bars, McDonald’s, churches and in front of your house.

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