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Hang ’em Right

Mass Murderer Saddam Hussein went to the noose calmly, bravely and dignified while those carrying it out acted like a gang of Naziboys in black hoods. As soon as the video was released the Right-wing airways sang in unison that reporting the execution in a negative manner proved the liberal bias of the media, and of course the the un-American, unpatriotic cowards who represent it. But a week later a large fly got in their ointment. Charles Krauthammer, one of the essential Jewish Neo Cons behind the Iraq war, jumped ship on the War over this very issue.
The civilized world saw this execution for what it was, hate filled sectarian revenge, just as the so called Liberal Media reported it. A decade ago a similar end met another mass murderer, Timothy McVeigh. He also faced his execution with a stoic dignity and bravery, making a racist dirtball murdering gunloon a hero in the eyes of millions. Correction, tens of millions.
There is something intrinsically wrong with tying a person up, pushing them down a hall or a street and killing them. Perhaps a better idea would be to just drop them off unfettered inside the gates of Ted Nugent’s Texas ranch and have Ted and his Tribe gather up their arsenal shoot them down. 500 times.
Executions are a bad idea based more upon vengeance and our barbarian nature (which we have spent millennia trying to overcome) than justice. The negative results of capital punishment; innocence, equal justice, economic justice, cost, martyrdom and forcing blood onto all our hands outweigh its only positive aspect, the executed do not repeat their crimes. The few people who suffer by the perpetrator actions getting their rocks off watching him die is not a positive aspect of anything at all. It’s an example of “being all we cannot be”.
Criminals who are sentenced to life in prison, or enter the door as young men and leave as old men do not commit their crimes again either.
As the end of slavery concerned the weighty issues of freedom, liberty, and human rights which appreciably gave a jump to humankind on the “civilization” timeline, so one day will the end of capital punishment.