Happy Days are here again

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Clicking around the states this morning I found a correlation in many many red states.  Romney won by about 60 to 40 in most of them, a 20 point spread. Other than DC, the blue states were mostly about 55 to 45 or a 10 point or less spread. And of course those states that went 70 to 30 Republican, a 40 point spread. Not the old Confederate states as one would expect [even the worst of the bunch South Carolina and Mississippi had only a 15 point spread.

That makes the most radical right states in America with a 40 point spread are Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Oklahoma. What do they have that the rest of us lack?  Well other than empty space, upstairs and down. Maybe it’s more about what they don’t have? One thing I can say is that they are all places I would not want to even go yet live in.

 happy days are here again

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  1. That’s the part I don’t get either db. There is another guy saying the same thing in a YouTube discussion. He claims it’s all been signed into law! Needless to say I haven’t located the ‘proof’ of that claim. Perhaps I’ll ask HIM what Obama plans to do once he’s taken over and collected the guns, and storm troopers invade our homes…Try as I might, I lack the imagination for this one. ; )

  2. Ms. ‘Cat,

    I’m confused. If President Obama is Hitler & is running the Government then why is he trying to undermine it?

  3. Oh Hopey, He’s probably ON that same email list that you see! I’ve yet to see any ‘proof’ of any of those wild allegations. Oddly, people will believe anything that originates in the fevered mind of some nut with an internet account, and will NOT research the verifiable facts from reputable sources…Because they prefer to believe the worst!
    Sorry, I don’t mean to talk around you TruthSlinger, but wouldn’t you prefer to continue thinking that Obama is out to get you and undermine the government?

  4. I have been getting those ‘forward this’ emails for FOUR years which say that Obama has declared martial law and he is coming for your guns! Where do you get this stuff TruthSlinger?

  5. Gosh… So the woman are deceived, as are Blacks, Hispanics, gays, liberals, progressives and RHINOs. So the only people who know what is really going on watch Fox News and listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.
    I am on your side! We want more of just the king of swill you paddle for the whole nation and entire world to see personal and up close.
    And Muy, this may be Ted Nugent!
    One things sure, if he reads this we will soon be hearing the praises of shooting peoples pets…

  6. Got a live one here! 🙂
    Maybe this will settle my bet with Rack that it is possible to find a more all around disgusting wingnut than Ted Nugent.

  7. “Truth”,

    Hitler used the SS Black-shirts to eliminate the SA Brown-shirts. Neither Hitler nor the German-American Bund much liked President Roosevelt. Are you really saying that the “Obama Black-shirts” will be as fully funded as the Military? Will they have their own Air Force? How about their own Atom Bombs?

    But “Hopey”, “Truth” is right. You’re dreaming. President Roosevelt’s Republicans had the good grace not to oppose every effort for the relief of the American Public, recovery from the disaster the Republican policies had allowed, and reform of the system to prevent future disasters. President Obama’s Republicans have opposed every effort at relief, recovery, or reform.

  8. Happy days are here again? Oh, really? Wait until Obama’s Brown Shirt national police come to kick in our doors and take our guns and enforce Obama’s NAZI policies. They are to be “as fully funded as the US Military”. Let that sink in (it’s all a provision of ObamaCare or did you miss that too?). Hitler had the national brown shirt police then he had the black shirt Gestapo. And “Happy Days are Here Again”. You certainly are either kidding or you are deceived.

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