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Hillary is a bigot, The Donald wrote it down! Stephen Colbert

Hillary is a bigot, The Donald wrote it down! Stephen Colbert “In November I will get 95% of the African American vote, I guarantee it,”  that could be said to be 10,000 times more dishonest and untrustworthy than anything Hillary Clinton ever said, but it won’t be a lie until November 9th, rather it is a very very big lie to come. Which doesn’t count.

If we were to take what is considered a lie from Hillary Clinton, and use the same criteria for Donald Trump, what with well over year of Twitter and his rallies, with an average of about 7 lies a day, that would be 5000 Donald Trump lies to Hillary’s lies, which I still do not know what they are. I guess it’s that ONE email that was labeled classified when she said their were no classified emails. And what was in it?  Bet it was a name of someone for a time and place meeting.

“Hillary Clinton is a bigot, I wrote that down.” There we have classic “projection” and a lie, much like the Hillary’s mental health issue, which normal Republicans like Karl Rove and Rudy Giuliani are running with, which of the two candidates is mentally unstable? Not even EQAUL she’s crazy. Have you heard she also has syphillis?

Suddenly, the rent for his office at Trump Towers went from $35k a month to $170k a month as soon his campaign began paying it rather than self funding the campaign. Imagine if Hillary did that.

When Hillary Clinton plays politics by unanswering questions she is called a liar, when Donald Trump lies he is called being Donald Trump, which means “Donald Trump” is an actual synonym for “lies.”

I had an epiphany this morning watching Mika and Joe.  Compare anything Trump has said or done to anything Hillary has said or done. It’s whales versus knats. No matter how crazy it is to equate these two people, ON ANY LEVEL, the media has not choice, they either equate it or loose their  Golden Coral and F150 ad revenues.

The degree to which this is happening can best be understood by comparing the Clinton Foundation to Trump University.