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Hillary’s email, she’s got Sisyphus!

hillary's sisyphus email

I picked this political cartoon over literally hundreds just like it because it goes so far as to play the word game of giving Hillary Clinton syphilis, oh excuse me, so you have heard of Sisyphus and know who that was, pronounced how? Give me a friggin break…

This crap is so reminiscent of the Bill Clinton impeachment back in 1998. Fox News and talk radio pounded and pounded until the media had to choice but to chime in or lose share, politicians and pundits from all sides jumped on the band wagon, Ken Starr went so far over the top he was using his unchecked power to subpoena mothers with threat of jail time if they did not explain their daughters proclivity to oral sex. The people finally had enough and Bill Clinton’s positives doubled, at 70% matched or surpassed the highest rating that Ronald Reagan or FDR ever enjoyed. Bill Clinton left the White House impeached and with a 61% positive rating, the highest in 50 years.

This slow feed of emails is beginning to wear on the public, the pounding THAT WOMAN is taking by Republicans is as bad as the hate they pound on THAT BLACK guy. Innocent people are now falling into the net as we see their private emails made public, giving the rest of us pause as to our own email privacy. And we all know that any classified material is on such a low threshold it means nothing. While inside the beltway they understand this is all really Republcian payback for embarrassing married Iraq hero General Petreaus for sharing his classified email with his mistress.

Biden won’t run, it’s too late, too costly, too much work and could be a big enough fail to put a bad ending on a good career. And besides, once Hillary makes it to the general election it’s all over for the GOP candidate and brand.

Just hang on Hillary. Say your sorry and be done with it. Wait it out, play the victim at the hearings, they have taken a reach too far.