Hobbit News. The Only Painfully Honest Movie Trailer: Lord of the Ring Trilogy

The Hobbit is coming!  View The only Honest Lord of the Ring movie trailer!
'A film adaptation of the overly dense nerd bible that employed an entire nation.'    Even if you're not the ta

rget audience, You may enjoy this stunningly beautiful film – the best that New Zealand's tourist industry has created, and certainly the longest!   The long-awaited prequel to The Lord of the Ring Trilogy, 'The Hobbit' is coming soon to a theater near you! Let's look back at what's to come with this honest trailer for LOTR.  By that, I mean that  LOTR follows the Hobbit even though it came out first…Are you as confused as I am now? Oh, and yes, this is Lindsay Lohan…Bet you forgot she was in this film!

  • That one was a bit painful, db. Conan has one for tonight that’s not as caustic but ten times as silly. If you’ve seen one of these holiday movies I’d love to hear about it. I’m relieved to see that Matt Damon has one coming out on Fracking…Of course the name escapes me! I’ve long though tit was high time they brought that message to the people in a broader medium than news specials have reached. It must be good. FOX is already campaigning against the film.

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    But I am going to follow up with some of the other Honest Reviews.