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How do Democrats connect with the working class?

How do Democrats connect with the working class?

How do Democrats connect with the working class?

I live in Texas which is where even the people in our big city suburbs consider themselves rural. My friends and neighbors are of course all Republicans who believe Donald Trump is the Second Coming. We live a rural life though our neighbors are usually only about 20 feet distant on a side. This gives me a pretty good idea of how the rest of working class America thinks. I also lived in rural Wisconsin for a good part of my life and was a life long duck hunter.

So if Democrats want to get that white working class vote I have some good advice for the campaign trail:

  1. Always campaign in camo.
  2. Campaign from a 4 wheeler painted in camo.
  3. Always drape an assault rifle over one’s chest with two extra 40 round clips in a belt.
  4. Wear as much Kevlar as is affordable.
  5. Blame all our problems on those who are less white and less Christian.
  6. Never ever tell the truth about anything, they could care less.
  7. Do not use compound words, infer you went to college or are smarter than a cheese curd.
  8. Have a large cooler and hand out free Bud Lite, little flags and stupid red or camo hats.
  9. Do rallies at every Cracker Barrel, Chic Fil A, Hobby Lobby, Carl Jrs and Walmart in the region.
  10. Remember issues and facts do not matter, stick only to slogans, soundbites, chants and lies.

Sure as one moves into the density of downtown Houston one does find Democrats: African Americans, Mexicans, Gays, some Middle Easterners, Indians and Yankees. [That’s India Indians we killed all the American Indians long ago]

Trouble is I seldom make that traffic nightmare 60 mile trip downtown and back unless I have a hankering for a passable pizza, a corned beef sandwich or to see The Rolling Stones and ACDC.

I did travel about 30 miles West of here to a sister suburb of Houston to see Bill Maher some months ago. It was rather scary what with all 7500 white liberals in Texas in one place at one time there was concern for a bombing.

But in the defense of Texas to put it all in perspective, Donald Trump only won Texas by 9 points, he won Wyoming by 46 points and the rest of that area by more than 30 points.  Most of the old confederacy he won by less than half that. Keep that in mind, the really really crazy people are where no one lives but have a dozen Senators no matter.

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