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Huge Inflatable ‘Trump Chicken’ Prisoner 45 Blimp Sails Past Alcatraz

A huge ‘Trump Chicken Blimp’ dressed in a striped ‘Prisoner 45′ shirt sailed by Alcatraz prison on his most recent cruise this Sunday. The 33’ blimp was fittingly riding in an Alcatraz prison boat in his majestic cruise around San Francisco Bay. Kudos to the owners who say that their goal is to ‘speak truth to poultry.’

Sunday wasn’t the giant chicken’s first public appearance. The Trump Chicken took part in the San Francisco Tax March on April 15 last year, and even made his way to the “Big Coop” behind the White House last February.   #ChickenPresident #MockTheCock #FowlPlay

New Trump Chicken Blimp Sets Sail Dressed Like An Alcatraz Prisoner

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