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Hurricane Harvey Price-Gouging, Scams – and Trump’s $1 Million Donation May Not Happen

Hurricane Harvey Price-Gouging, and Trump's $1 Million Donation, May Not Happen

Hurricane Harvey Price-Gouging, and Trump's $1 Million Donation, May Not Happen

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey the best in humanity is on display and so is the worst. Greed has prompted some stores and hotels to raise prices like it’s 1999 and there is no reckoning to come. Charging $8.40 for a bottle of water, and $20.for a gallon of gas could well buy store owners some instant karma.. Speaking of carrion, the ‘precident’ flew into Texas to give everyone a chance to buy one of his new $40 hats. Now that should cheer ya’ll up!

After returning to ‘that dump’ in Washington D.C., Donald Trump made a grand gesture on Thursday. With much fanfare it was announced that Trump would donate $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey relief!  If reports are true, it would have been better if he’d have donated 10% of his hat sales.  The same journalist who documented his failure to follow through with a similarly-sized donation during 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, said that Trump’s grand gesture might not even be possible.  David Farenthold of the Washington Post tweeted Friday night:
“It’s my understanding that [the Trump Foundation] can’t make donations now, while it’s under investigation by NY AG.”

The tweet was in response to White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ saying she hadn’t yet asked the president whether the funds would come from Trump’s personal checkbook or from his foundation.  I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I will be donating $2 Million smackers! Assuming of course, that my checking account can cover it this week.


Other vermin covered in this story include everyone’s most punchable face in pharmaceuticals – Martin Shkreli, and some terrific news about a fantastic rival company which plans to market the same drugs,for a mere $1. per pill.


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