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Hurricane Limbaugh Kills Thousands of Democrats!

Hurricanne Rush LimbaughFort Lauderdale – In the aftermath of category 5 Hurricane “Rushbo” thousands of bodies of Democrats are being pulled from the rubble. Political pundits expect the loss upon voter rolls will move Broward County and Florida from a swing state to solid red.
Not long ago County Commissioner Stacy Ritter questioned the County’s contract that would air disaster warnings only on WIOD, the local 24/7 Conservative radio station featuring Rush Limbaugh. Stacy worried that because the vast majority of her constituents do not listen to the Right-Wing Only station they would receive no radio warnings concerning eminent disaster.
WIOD managers, Rush Limbaugh and his army of Dittoheads screamed bloody murder about their free speech being denied. When the story appeared the Miami Herald with Ms Ritter’s photograph, Rush Limbaugh commented,
“Liberal babes are rare, that’s why they stand out.”
He then went on with his show using his old standby from his days in Sacramento regarding men who had died from AIDS. As the list of dead became public, Limbaugh read off each Democrat’s name and hit the applause button. When questioned about the nastiness of such goings on, Rush screeched again about free speech and said, “Fine, I will switch to the audience laugh button.” See Full article

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