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Ignorant Racist Attacks ‘Foreign’ Woman Wearing Puerto Rico Flag on Shirt

In the ‘So Proud to be an American’ files: An angry racist was caught on camera over the weekend when he spotted a damned foreigner wearing a flag of Puerto Rico on her shirt!  To her credit, the woman calmly explained that Puerto Rico is in fact, a part of the United States, and that she too was an American.  They hugged it out and parted friends.

In actuality, the imbecile continued to closely trail the woman, haranguing her at full volume spouting Trumpian wisdom of the following nature:

“If you’re an American citizen, why are you wearing that sh*t!” he yelled. “If you’re an American citizen, you should not be wearing that shirt in America!”  The patriot shouted; “you’re not going to change us” and informed one and all; “the world is not going to change the United States of America — period!”

I’m afraid he may be right about that.  Even the law was no help. Several requests to an officer went pointedly unheeded, as he too is clearly under the impression that Puerto Rico is one of our foreign enemies. Order only resumed when a male spectator stepped in where the law declined, and suggested that the racist move on in language he could clearly grasp.

Why is it that Puerto Rico sends the ‘deplorables’ into fits of rage, while they are in denial about Russian intervention in our election?

Angry racist berates woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in America — without realizing it’s part of United States

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