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Immigration Themed Nativity Scene with Baby Jesus in Cage

“People think children in diapers getting tear-gassed is OK, but this [Nativity scene] is totally sacrilegious?”

A Massachusetts parish changed their traditional nativity scene by placing Baby Jesus in a cage, to represent the plight of migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border due to the policies of you-know-who. Is there any chance that we can exchange the baby in the manger with Sean Hannity? Hannity was one of the first to sound the alarm that “Christmas is under siege!” The hysterics from FOX caused many to misinterpret the message of the manger.

Above the stable, a blue banner reads, “Peace on Earth?” Parish Priest Steve Josoma said that the sign is meant to get viewers to ask, “Is this what peace on Earth looks like?”  Josema stated the Nativity scene is an “affirmation of gospel values” and not just an attack on the current administration, although Trump’s policies are “at odds’ with the message of the gospel.

After the Hannity segment, Josama received calls from around the country accusing him of blasphemy. Two parish members resigned due to the Nativity scene.

The priest said he agreed that a cage and a wall have no place in the Nativity scene ― in fact, he says, that was his point.

“People think children in d

iapers getting tear-gassed is OK, but this [Nativity scene] is totally sacrilegious?” Josoma said in response to the criticism. “All we’re trying to do is put the two together.”

“What you do to somebody else is what you do to Christ,” he said, referring to a Bible passage that claims those who welcome strangers are in effect welcoming Christ himself. “You can’t separate the two.”

Isn’t it odd that we’re having such a huge chasm of misunderstanding of gospel values? After all, our Vice President Pence, is the poster boy for Christian values . As for the POTUS who stood stony faced by Melania refusing to read a well-known prayer at President Herbert Walker Bush’s funeral – he is still a favorite of many self-proclaimed Christians, who won’t shed a tear thinking of living, breathing babes in cages this Christmas.