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In Memory Helen Chenoweth

“White men are an endangered species. I absolutely believe what with affirmative action and everything… We want things to be the way they used to be.” Helen Chenoweth
Helen Chenoweth, once a mining and timber lobbyist, became  Congressman Chenoweth (Idaho – R) arriving in Washington with the Newt Gingrich Class of Inexperienced Wingnuts of 1994. The Wicked Witch of the West served three terms and retired. By 1998 she had gone so far into Right-wing La La Land that even Newt himself passed her by on a scheduled campaign stop. History will serve her as the most conservative woman to ever gain national office. She should hold that record in perpetuity unless Ann Coulter becomes President.
Chenoweth was the default spokesman for the American militia movement always getting great and grand reviews from David Duke, the Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan. She even defended the Oklahoma bombing. Above all else, Helen enjoyed publicly splashing her rabid anti-environmentalism across the land, with her much publicized endangered species cook offs. She once claimed she would cut down every tree in Idaho. As an adulterous slut herself, she was perhaps the loudest voice screaming for President Clinton’s impeachment.
On October 5, 2006 while riding in a jeep with a baby on her lap, and wearing no seat belt, she was thrown from the vehicle. Her neck was broken and died on the spot. The ground killed her. One of her anti-environment friends and Gingrich Classmates, Sonny Bono, got even better justice from Ma Nature, he was killed by a tree.