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In the name of GOD, who hates who the most? Toles Cartoon

who does god hate the most

So it seems Christians, Jews and Muslims all have a lot of hate for one or the other. I wonder how we should judge who is the winner in all this  religious hate mongering.  Who gets the most press it would go to Muslims.  Who spends most money on hating would be Israel. But who has killed them most of one or the others is the United States. I am not that good at math but we lost 3000 from 911 and 6000 from two wars fighting Muslims – and a few diplomats here and there. We have killed about 150,000 in Iraq directly, most of whom were civilians. US has killed almost 100,000 Afghans in the 10 year war there. So we kill the most. Is that good? Do we win! All for something that IS MADE UP! And the more I see of it, the more I find it is not only made up, but make up CRAP.