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Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Handmaid’s Tale Aunt Lydia?

I suppose the best overall likeness to this generations’ ultimate evil woman has evolved from Nurse Ratched from Cuckoo’s Nest to now Aunt Lydia from Handmaid’s Tale.

I suppose when Cuckoo’s Nest came out it was Phyllis Schlafly rather than Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was the example, but Phyllis is no longer in the loop, gone somewhere, probably to Hell.

Sure there is a likeness in appearance between Aunt Lydia and Sarah Sanders but that is not the issue. Rather it is the mindless dogma, bigotry, intolerance and hate endemic in Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity they both share.

There seems to be just two existential threats that leads humanity to war and genocide.

When nationalism [patriotism] and religion go over the top.

Handmaid’s Tale takes the later threat making it far more profound now than when it was written in 1986. We now have Trump, his gang of voters and the GOP taking both threats to dangerous heights this country has never experienced since 1860.

The results of then and now will be the same, but hopefully bloodless. We just have to issue them all shovels to help dig themselves back under the rocks from whence the came.

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