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It is okay for Trump to murder James Comey

Gosh… The basis of our constitution and rule of law is that no man is above the law. Well since President Trump and his syncopate Republican Party came to power anyway.

Giuliani is right that indeed, Trump could murder James Comey on 5th Avenue for all to see and the Republican Base [Evangelical Christians] wouldn’t care.

I find the story of Giuliani, Pat Robertson’s lawyer Sekulow and the January lawyer letter so in tune with a celebration of dictatorship and fascism [murder as in Duterte, Un, Erdogan and Putin all of whom Trump sees as role models] indicative of what the GOP has become in just 17 months.

But I think this also reflects on one of the two most powerful and despicable people in America today.

Not Trump, but Clarence Thomas.  For we all know absolutely that if Trump murdered James Comey on 5th Avenue and it went to the Supreme Court it would be 8 to 1 to indict. [Well maybe two with Alito]

It goes without saying that already, the worst president and worst Supreme Court Justice in American History are Trump and Thomas.

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