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It’s not Trump, it’s Republicans

A quick review of what it means to be a Republican these days:

Donald Trump
Massive horrifying hypocrisy
Pathological lying
Massive tax breaks for the wealthiest people and corporations
Massive increase in the disparity of wealth
Massive addition to the debt
Attack on the free press
One more appointment to the Supreme Court by Trump and its all over
74% of Republicans say Donald Trump is a role model for their kids
54% of Republicans say okay for Donald Trump to call off 2020 election
Attacking our allies
Betsy DeVos
Repressing the vote
Fox & Friends
Syncopates for a deranged buffoon
Religious intolerance
Rush Limbaugh
Destruction of the environment
Global warming is a lie
More guns
More 30 round clips
Sean Hannity
Coddling the worst dictators in the world
Tearing children from mothers and enjoying it
Attacking our allies
Scott Pruitt
National Enquirer
Real fake news
Steve Bannon
Rudy Giuliani
Richard Spencer

And they are going to win in 2018 and Trump will win in 2020 making all these matter worse unless we do everything possible to GET OUT THE VOTE.

On November 6th, take the day off and rent a van or a bus and contact your local GET OUT THE VOTE community to help shuttle people to the polls.