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JD Haywood Out On His Ass

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of what? Not quite sure. Most likely squeezing the phis out of a pinko liberal doll? A bloody fetus? God knows, but it was in the same time period he was submitting bills to silence the NY Times. Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s appendix which he had recently removed without permission? Whatever, it is just one of many such disgusting acts Haywood has played to dirty up the Well and this country.
JD Haywood is often referred to not only as THE WINDBAG, but also as the most radical conservative in the House. I became aware of JD in 1994 when I saw him juxtaposed against Rush Limbaugh. No appreciable physical or ideological differences, and their presentation was exactly the same. Haywood too has a background in loud mouthed radio and TV and is presently the substitute host of the very conservative Laura Ingraham radio show. There he shines as second only to Rush Limbaugh in the fat disgusting right-wing pig department.
His issues are obvious: No abortion for any reason. A 3000 mile wall along our border. Rounding up 13 million illegal aliens and putting them in camps. Privatize Social Security. Pro Iraq War as is humanly possible. No gay marriage or equal protection. Prayer in school, religious vouchers and above all, a visceral hatred of liberals so intense he has to literally squeeze the phis out of them on C-SPAN.
JD Haywood was one of the congressmen most involved with Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay. Which was probably the reason he was so soundly trounced. But there was another interesting point in that election. In the face of his rabid views on gays and gay marriage, Arizona was the only state that voted AGAINST the various state referendums outlawing it. An interesting state. Let gay Mexicans marry before they are rounded up and send packing, and a presidential candidate who bows to moderate republicans in the mornings and is on his knees sucking up to the Religious Right in the afternoons.