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Jeb Bush’s Big Blunder in Poland, Oblivious to Anti-US Blowup!

Jeb Bush's Big Blunder in Poland, Oblivious to Anti-US Blowup!

Rachel Maddow reports about Jeb Bush’s awesome blunder in Poland, where he believed he’d made friends with a Speaker who unknown to Bush, was ousted (along with four ministers)  the day before, due to his profane anti-American sentiment. Granted, Jeb doesn’t speak Polish, but he has ‘people’ and there’s always the internet. This was front page news in Poland on the day he arrived.

Four Polish ministers and the Speaker Jeb is seen with in the photo-ops were recorded, earlier in the week, as they enjoyed an expensive dinner in a Warsaw restaurant,  and talked smack about the United States, with Bush’s visit nigh. The Speaker can be heard calling Poland’s alliance with the U.S. “bull—-” and “worthless.” (they were drinking  $1200 a bottle truth serum) “We’ll get into a conflict with the Russians and the Germans, and we’ll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a ‘b—job” he said, referring to Americans he added,  “Losers. Complete losers.”

On Wednesday, the four ministers and the Speaker were fired for their anti-American expletives

On Thursday, Jeb Bush arrived, and can be seen palling around with the ousted Speaker, posing for photos, completely unaware of the kerfuffle.  I must say the Speaker appears to be enjoying the meeting, knowing that the rube he’s shaking hands with will eventually learn of his true feelings.

.Asked by the press if it was odd to be shaking hands with the Speaker, a clueless Jeb Bush proved just how out of it he can be, answering:
“In my conversation with him, it’s clear to me that he’s a believer in strong ties with the United States.”
(Yes, “Losers” “Like a b—Job” “completely worthless”)
Bush continued saying; “He is a supporter of the US and a friend to the US and I thought it was more than appropriate to meet with him.”