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Jews refuse to sit next to women on planes

Jews on a plane!

The story here is also told over at the NYT’s with one woman giving into the Jewish misogyny while another woman refuses to move, Respect for religion or respect for oneself?

I know a very simple way of dealing with this.

1) Have the flight attendant make sure the offensive sexist Jew understands English.
2) Have the flight attendant ask all nearby passengers to take out their smart phones and begin filming.
3) Have the flight attendant explain to the woman that the married Jewish man standing in the isle keeping the plane from taking off is of such low character and so unable to control matters of the flesh that if he were to sit next to her he could not help but fondle her breasts and rip off her panties.
4) Then explain to those filming that there will be free wifi access on the plane for 10 minutes for passengers to upload their videos to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the blond female hosts at Fox News. I say blond hosts because the Burnett, Andrea Tantaros, who, even if she were to understand the issue, would crawl away on her knees for the sake of religious freedom. Remember, religious freedom is a one way street. In fact come to think of it, religions is a one way street.

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