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Jim Jefferies: Is America is Number One or Is Our Ego Inflated Too?

Jim Jefferies explores the widely held belief that America is Number One. Is the widespread conviction of world superiority based upon substance, or is our collective ego as bloated and filled with hot air as a Baby Trump Blimp? While America’s image takes a beating internationally, people who clearly haven’t been to Bora Bora, vehemently defend America’s lead in the world. “What we lack in diplomacy we make up for in confidence,” quips Jefferies. In truth, we lead the world, or score highly in; obesity, incarceration per capita, wealth inequality, deplorable worker’s rights, and a complete denial of universal health care and higher education. We’re filled with contradictions. “You hate immigrants,” observes Jefferies, if you want them to stay out, stop telling them it’s so f** king good!  Film movies in Flint, Michigan.”

We’ve always had an unhealthy sense of self worth,as demonstrated by Marco Rubio bleating that America ‘the greatest nation in history!’  The song included in this clip provides a little perspective: “America Is A Country America is far from first, but we’re also far from worst. America is a country on the list of countries.”

Is America Really Number One? – The Jim Jefferies Show

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