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Jim Jefferies: Scott Pruitt Resigns from the EPA, Recycling May Soon be Illegal

Jim Jefferies bids a fond farewell to Scott Pruitt as he resigns as head of the EPA. Despite allegations of corruption, we may grow to miss Pruitt who never overturned any Obama era regulations – his downfall, no doubt. We and the environment are so screwed.
Pruitt’s replacement, Andrew Wheeler is a former coal and chemical lobbyist, who is now V.P. of the Washington Coal Club. Worse yet, he’s expected to ‘get things done.’ Translation: Wheeler will destroy remaining environmental safeguards and regulations and get folks excited about the future of coal and do away with the wasteful practice of recycling! And just when I figured out which weekend to put the brown cans out for collection.

Scott Pruitt Resigns, But We’re Still Screwed – The Jim Jefferies Show

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