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Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

In honor of National Un-Friend Day, Jimmy’s cousin Sal went out to Hollywood Boulevard to talk to people about the those who annoy them on Facebook. He let them put on masks so they could be totally honest. That’s right. A mask allowed these people to be brutally honest with their Facebook ‘friends’ and in one case, a man’s mother. She will never guess that it is her son in the elephant mask! I’m glad they were able to finally give vent to their frustrations, but I have a newsflash. It’s highly likely the ‘most annoying person’ will recognize them by their voices and clothing. Happy friendless New Year!

Jimmy Kimmel invented National Facebook Un-friend Day because of people who abuse their posting privileges, and probably don’t even realize it. Some people plaster your page with crazy right wing political screeds, regardless of your diametrically opposed opinions. It’s no matter, they never met a post that wasn’t worth re-posting. On a related note, conspiracy theories are always popular – with the sender. Likewise, recipes and a daily accounting of the family activities, which is thoughtful, if a cat burglar happens to be one of your 5,000 friends.  Some are into selfies with religious fervor. They will have lots of material for posterity – and not a few of their posterior, now floating within the Cloud.

Photos of children, cats, puppies and vacations are all expected – but what’s the deal with taking pictures to share, of your food…Anyone?

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