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Jimmy Kimmel, Trump lies just for the joy of telling lies

I just went through this lie thing with my Trumper mailman.
You know of course that Trump wants you fired and to destroy the postal service?
That’s okay.
Even your job at risk you still go with him?
Yeah, he is changing things.
Well I can’t argue with that.
What about the lies, 6500 verifiable already since he began his run. 3500 since President.
They all lie just as much.
No they don’t.
Look at what liars Obama and Hillary are!
Hillary told ONE lie, that she did not send or receive classified material on her server, they found one. Obama lied once, you can keep your own doctor.
NO NO NO! Obama lied about there being 57 states!!
That wasn’t a lie, it was a misspeak. But okay that’s TWO.  Two against 6500, or together three against 6500.
See? They all lie. You admit it.

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