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Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Turns Macron Visit Into Grabby, Kissy Face International Cringe Fest

Affection starved Donald and First Lady Melania Trump are hosting France’s kissable President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

This is the Trump’s first official state visit, and it’s possible that someone filled Trump’s Big Gulp with Ecstasy because he literally cannot keep his hands off of the French President. In press conferences Macron stands hostage-like as Trump awkwardly and abruptly lays sloppy kisses and impetuous hugs on him. Trump even vainly attempted to access Melania beneath her ‘No Trump Sombrero.’

The full bonding can be illustrated by Trump ‘grooming’ Macron during an international press conference. Trump told the world that he was picking dandruff from Macron’s lapel, putting one in mind of primate interaction. Trump then gripped Macron’s hand and spirited him away. Was Trump’s destination the Lincoln Bedroom as Jimmy suggests, or will Trump clutch Macron to his manly bosom and spirit him up to his tree-house in the Rose Garden? In any case, Melania may be wise to set two plates in reserve at the grand state dinner she is overseeing.