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Samantha Bee makes a fool of Steve Bannon

Samantha Bee is surprised to find that Steve Bannon is proud to be a racist.

Hello Sam!  Ever been to Texas? Racism and bigotry are what most white people in Texas are most proud of. They just do not like being called rac”ists.”

Again, I know this hard for so many Yankees to believe, but not a few times in my life down here in Texas I have heard this:

“I am not a racist!  I just don’t like nwords.”

I have also repeatedly had to ask my daughter’s mother in law, who wears a 9mm in her armpit, to not use the NWORD in front of MY grandchildren. She gives me a dirty look but usually complies unless the word OBAMA happens by…

What could be responsible for scrambling a brain to such a degree?

Evangelical Christianity