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John McCain, World War III, the Draft and Chickenhawks

rush limbaugh Piggy hawkRepublican Presidential nominee John W. McBush, opps, John McCain said today that he would not call a military draft unless we were fighting World War III.

McCain now backs two wars in perpetuity in Iraq and Afghanistan while threatening another war with Iran which would surely bring Syria and Pakistan into what would then be World War III. A world war which – since the price at the pumps – is looking better and better to more and more Americans. BTW, the fault of those prices is also now effectively being blamed upon liberals and environmentalists rather than oil companies and cartels.  We need to drill in South Beach and Malibu immediately!

What I found interesting in his speech was when he declared that the draft unfairly weighed most heavily on lower-income Americans. Really?  Is he saying that the present volunteer military is not unfairly weighing most heavily on lower-income Americans?  That’s nuts.  What is he saying?  That the very long list of Republican Chickenhawks and Piggie Hawks who refused to serve in Vietnam would have volunteered today to go to Iraq? That’s nuts. Patriotic Republican Chickenhawks

Reinstate the draf in an absolutely fair manner and we would be out of Iraq and Afghanistan in a few months and this talk of invading Iran relegated only to fading Neocons crying in their chicken soup down at the Deli. McCain says only World War III would justify draft