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John Oliver – Bundo Bunny Strikes Blow Against Evangelical Homophobe Mike Pence

[If 20 minutes of Mike Pence – the star of HULU’s Handmaid’s Tale – is too much for your, the bunny book begins 14 minutes in]

John Oliver’s main story focuses on Vice President Mike Pence…The one smarmy asshat in the White House who cannot be fired by Trump. If this doesn’t terrify you now, watch the video and get back to me. Pence’s mild exterior hides an inner freak show, and an ability to easily evade questions – or lie.¬† Long beloved by Evangelicals, Pence shares their unhealthy focus on ‘reforming’ gay people, and is willing to discriminate against them until they get with the program, although he isn’t honest enough to admit it. Pence will protect ‘the sanctity of marriage, which he claims “must be defended against the left, Congress, the courts and the Constitution of the United States!”

If there is one good thing about Mike Pence it is his rabbit Marlon Bundo, whom I suspect is a hostage. The rabbit is releasing a book about the day to day life of the Vice President zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Here’s a coincidence! A very similar book will be released tomorrow. This book is a little bit different, in that Bundo is a gay bunny.Gosh, I’ll bet Pence will be pleased to have inspired such a book!

The book is an actual children’s book and all proceeds will go to AidsUnited and the TREVOR project. Go to Amazon or BetterBundoBooks.com. You won’t actually be telling Mike Pence to go f**k himself, but I think he’ll get the message.

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