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John Oliver Stupid Watergate: Michael Cohen’s Tapes Terrify Trump More Than Pee Tapes

John Oliver often refers to the Trump administration’s ongoing scandals as ‘Stupid Watergate.’

“With the potential gravity of Watergate- if the entire White House was on bath salts, and Nixon was a racoon with his head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.”

This week, the Mueller investigation is closing in on Trump, in large part because of one-time Trump attorney, Michael Cohen’s tapes. If Trump seems a bit jumpy –  starting wars with Iran and planning sleepovers with Vladimir Putin sans chaperones, it is possibly because he knows that these tapes bear extremely incriminating evidence.   While working for Trump, Cohen proudly wore the nickname ‘The Fixer.’ In Trump’s employ, a typical day for Cohen  involved petty thuggery such as calling to threaten witnesses.  It is only in recent weeks that he’s truly grown into that nickname. Trump is ‘fixed’ more soundly than my old Bloodhound Rex.

John Oliver – Cohen Tapes